The C85 is a ride-on scrubbing machine characterized by a robust design and “intelligent” soul, capable of revolutionizing the traditional idea of cleaning. Indeed, thanks to the implementation of the most innovative technologies, the user experience has been improved, giving the operator the ability to interact with the machine to make the most of its functions with a view to optimizing operation times and reducing costs.

Innovative technology also means optimal performance and maximum safety. The characteristics and the performance of the C85 are shaped by technology and no longer simply by mechanics: as such, this machine becomes an inexhaustible source of data, connected and therefore capable of exceeding the mere function of simply cleaning floors.

All this without forgetting the comfort of the operator, who, thanks to the driving position inspired by automotive design, can work in a convenient and comfortable position that offers full visibility. The C85 is available in a scrubbing version with 2 disc brushes with 85 cm of working width.

Technische gegevens

  • Werkcapaciteit tot m²/uur


  • Actieradius tot (uur)


  • Werkbreedte (cm)


  • Aantal borstels (Ø cm)

    (2) 43

  • Breedte met wisser (cm)


  • Reservoir met oplossing


  • Stroomvoeding

    Accu (36V)

  • Download technische fiche.

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