Igea: ultra-compact dimensions for professional cleaning

Igea is Comac’s most compact scrubbing machine designed to replace manual cleaning systems such as mop and bucket. The extremely compact dimensions make it suitable for working in small or highly cluttered spaces such as offices, shops, cafés and small businesses, guaranteeing the professional cleaning of mechanized systems also in these environments.

Very easy to use, Igea allows you to have immediately dry and safe floors, while offering fast interventions, constant performance and less effort for the operator.

Igea is equipped with a lithium ion battery to recharge it quickly and at any time, making it always ready to use. In addition, thanks to its light weight can be easily moved to use it for more interventions in different places.

Technische gegevens

  • Werkcapaciteit tot m²/uur


  • Werkbreedte (cm)


  • Breedte met wisser (cm)


  • Reservoir met oplossing


  • Geluidsniveau dB (A)


  • Stroomvoeding


  • Download technische fiche.

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